James Ziobro for Rochester Section Vice-Chair

Open Documents

The Section produces two documents that are not published but are in fact public information. Those documents are the Budget and Annual Treasurer Audit. The extent to which the documents are published is the call of the Section Chair. I do not see any reason they should not be public information.

Section Budget

The Section produces a budget for the year. Ideally it should reflect the strategic plan of the Section and serve as a control document to allow the treasurer to disburse funds independently with prudent financial controls.

In practice the budget has been a rehash of the previous year budget with no new input. Significant appropriations occur during the year. Finally there is no hint of who is authorized to submit funds requests against any particular line item. This works OK as long as all business is face to face at monthly business meetings. I am not sure it would work in a distributed organization.

Our current Section Chair does not want any financial information published. You will have to request that information from someone on the EXCOM. I suggest every member request a copy. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph it is incomplete. There are ways to measure our financial performance.

Section Audit

In the IEEE managment diagram the Members are at the top of the pyramid. The audit report is an important input. The report is distributed to EXCOM members but not regular members. This means they cannot judge whether our financial controls are adequate. There have been issues traced back to lax financial control in sections. It is up to you the members to be vigilent.

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