James Ziobro for Rochester Section Vice-Chair

Sample Measures

Member Value

The most direct measure of member value is increased IEEE membership. We can measure it literally from day to day with the SAMIEEE database. We already collect the names of people who attend our events. We can correlate then names of people who recently join with those who attened meetings.

The other direct measure is the number of IEEE members who attend an event. Again, we already collect this information. Ideally we also collect information on their opinions of topic, time, and place.

Can we trace a volunteer back to some specific activity? We should! It would be great to keep track of the reasons our members volunteer. We could emphasis those positive experiences to others.

Advance the Goals of the IEEE

Some activities enhance the reputation of the profession in the public view. We can measure those activities in terms of media exposure.

Financial Performance

We can measure our own financial performance. We is how we have done over the last few years.

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