James Ziobro for Rochester Section Vice-Chair

Section Budget

In November Bill Fowlkes distributed a worksheet 2011Budget.xls with a suggested budget for 2012. I broke down the allocation to a few major categories.

Program Income

Program Cost



Student Activity






So we are budgetted to make $6K on our program budget of $29K. Our Administration costs are budgetted for $20k. We have a $2k donation and allocate $6k for Student Activities.

We are expending $22.5K for the benefit of all members. That works out to about $20 of expenditure per member. Compare that to an additional ~$30 per Student Member. Even if the Student Members do not take advantage of the Section Program they still have an allocation advantage.

The strangest part is we lost 5% of our regular members and 10% of our student members this year. Something is wrong.

What is missing?

I checked with IEEE Section Support Staff into whether we could refund members some of their dues. The answer is that as long as it is not specifically prohibited then any activity is acceptable. It must be on the table to stop the bleeding of members!

Good management can help decide what activities to cut in favor of a dues refund.

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